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A podcast that shares stories about Leith,
from the people of Leith.

On Living Leith Podcast we chat with different Leithers - sharing stories about the people, places, businesses and events that make Leith so great.

Podcast hosts

Meet the podcast hosts, Jennie, Rumana and Keith.

Jennie, Rumana and Keith host the podcast. Click on their photos for more information.


Jennie Walker

Host and Producer


Rumana Sayed

Host and Producer


Keith Rae

Host and Producer

We have five core values at Living Leith.

Our Values

  • Community
    We connect with and support our diverse Leith community as much as we can.
  • Curiosity
    We are curious about everything, and seek out the interesting stories that have not yet been told.
  • Humour
    We work hard but remember to have a laugh and enjoy the process.
  • Authenticity
    We keep our personal values and lived experiences at the forefront of our work, making sure our conversations are real, engaging and cover the topics that people genuinely want to hear about.
  • Adaptability
    We are a small team who work hard with limited resources. We are transparent about our goals and always open to feedback.

Behind the scenes


Grace Cunningham


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